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In case of rain all social media will be updated, along with emails and texts sent out.

Standard Beach Volleyball Rules.

Here are some of the highlights, feel free to email us if you have questions

All games are rally scoring with the new "FREEZE" rule in effect for MATCH point.

1) No open hand receives on a serve. Hands must be closed or together.

2) Block counts as a hit and the blocker may touch the ball again immediately following the block. 3rd contact must go over the net.

3) No open hand tips.

4) Double contact is allowed on a hard driven ball as long it is in one motion. Balls that have a change of direction off the net or a block are not considered hard driven.

5) The net is not allowed to be touched by any part of a persons body or clothes. (hair is the exception)

Hand Setting Rules:

Men's, Women's, & Co-ed Open

1 forward rotation, and half a rotation on

Men's, Women's, & Coed AA/A

2 forward rotations and 1 side rotation

Men's, Women's, & Coed BB/B

No hand setting allowed.


Points & Prizes
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